Vaporwave is an MX-style keycap set inspired by glitchy aesthetics and holographic anime propaganda.


You can also follow the GMK Vaporwave GH post.






The Colorway 

This set comes dipped in lavender and indigo, topped with neon pink and bright aqua.




The Profile & Construction

Vaporwave makes it's debut in the original Cherry profile manufactured in Germany by GMK, known for their quality doubleshot construction and thick 1.5mm ABS.

• Cherry Profile

• Thick ABS Doubleshot

• Manufactured by GMK



GMK Vaporwave will be available in 2019. More info coming soon.


Renders by Clavier & Novelty Designs by biip.














Photo of the Pantone Chips

I don't have the greatest camera, but hope it helps visualize.

Backdrop is plain white printing paper.

Render on White Background