Vaporwave is an MX-style keycap set inspired by glitchy aesthetics and holographic anime propaganda.

Vaporwave is back for a second round. Estimated for Q4 2021.


Round 2 is set to feature a few minor adjustments:

- Deeper modifier key color

- Bolder alpha legends

- New set of novelties


But I would like to get the community's opinions before setting these plans in stone. Let me know your thoughts in the survey as well as the GH thread.


Take part in the survey here

Follow the interest check thread here


More renders will be added as kits are finalized (i.e. boards featuring hiragana or novelties)



Novelkeys (NA)

Additional proxies TBD



Base (Yet to be finalized)

Hiragana (Coming Soon)

Novelties (Coming Soon)

Extensions, Expansions & Support Kits TBD


* Renders are not indicative of the final design. Final renders will be posted after community feedback.